Sewing Figs: A Book Project

sewing figs illustrated 3dRoughly two years after I went to Israel, I published my first book – Sewing Figs. It’s a light read, only 124 pages, and written in verse (my first love was poetry after all).

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I prayed for a lot of things when I stood in front of the Wailing Wall, some I can’t even remember anymore. But I do remember this – because this has been my life’s dream ever since I knew how to dream – I prayed I would become a published author. I remember myself murmuring then, “Well, God, it doesn’t have to be now. I know it may be 10 years before I come up with anything good to publish, but at least let me live long enough to see it happen.”

But my prayer amazingly went to express mail and I got it after 2 years and not 10 (not to mention that I have now published not just one, but 3 books – and counting). So here it is. Allow me to share it with you as God has so graciously given it to me to write, as he is “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine [Eph. 3:20].”

I recently posted a piece in my other blog and I will post an excerpt of it here. It’s a short introduction to the characters in the book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it:

Sewing Figs was a piece I wrote in more or less one week. I had meant for it to be just a small project but the development was inevitable and so it grew to what it was always meant to be – a picture book. If you’re familiar with The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, or any of Dr. Seuss’s work, you already know what it’s like. And no, it’s not exactly a children’s book. Let’s call it Christian fiction.

About the Illustrations

I don’t presume to be a good illustrator. I can barely even draw a straight line. And my sister Jillian did a splendid job with the fig leaves on the cover but I have none of those abilities. I did, however, do the best I could with what skill God gave me in that department and it took me about a month to complete – four times longer than the time it took to write the book.

So without further ado (and no spoilers, I promise), allow me to introduce:

Click here to read the rest of the blog post.

Click here to purchase the book.



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