Behind the Hiatus

Those who’ve been following me for quite a while will notice I hadn’t written a single blog post in two years – and if you’re still there, following, I truly appreciate it.

I might have been busy, I might have been distracted, I might have even been lazy. But no, I was neither of those things.

After Israel, I went through an awful crisis. I’m not saying that it was because of the trip, but it was certainly big enough to stop me gushing about everything and to divert my attention to gloomier, uglier, more serious stuff.

One lesson I learned from it, though, and something every Christian who’s serious about following Jesus ought to know, is that we should learn to separate God from his now flawed creation. If someone does something awful to us, and especially if that someone is a brother or sister in the faith, it is very important that we don’t see it as an act of God but of man. I fell into the trap of, well, not necessary blaming God for my circumstances, but somehow avoiding him because I wanted to avoid the pain that my weak and fragile mind immediately associated with what had happened to me. And I’m sure I’m not the first one to do it.

A lot of people who reject Christianity justify their stand by asking that ubiquitous question: “How can a good God allow ____________?” Fill in the blank with whatever misfortune they’ve gone through or a general crisis such as poverty or corruption or suffering and you’re there. And though we might ask that question every now and again, let that not be the reason why we abandon him. If Jesus up and left before he was crucified and said, “How could my father even consider letting me go through this?” then where would we be?

But I’m back now. And it’s only because even though I, in a moment of weakness, thought to set God aside, he never did it to me. And aren’t we so undeservedly blessed to have a God who doesn’t respond the way we do.

‘Til next  post!


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