Stopover: The City of Gold

So if you went to Dubai but didn’t go beyond the airport, could you say that you’d gone to Dubai? Because that’s what happened. Geographically speaking, I did go — and the airport was huge enough to compensate for my relative confinement (or at least I like to think so).

Anyway, I had a good tour around the big airport. And it was only then that I learned that Dubai was in fact known as the City of Gold, on account of its abundant supply of…  well, gold. A major part of its economy, apparently, is based on gold trades and it’s apparent in the coins, the watches, the jewelry on display that they have more than enough of it to go around.

gold coins, gold bars

I don’t really know what use I would have for gold bars but obviously some people buy them, otherwise they wouldn’t be put on sale.

It’s not really Gold

Gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars and etc. aren’t exactly pure gold. They are made from a mixture of gold and other metals that make the finished product less malleable, because one of the main characteristics of pure gold is that it is rather soft.

And this is why we have karat numbers. The purest gold we can get for jewelry is 24K – that’s a little over 99.7% pure gold. The rest of it is a certain amount of silver, copper, zinc, etc.

So it would be accurate to say that one of the most valuable, most prized metals in the world is actually laced with impurity — in fact, that can be quite a useful metaphor.

gold necklace

We shall see

Who knows what gold would have looked like before the fall of man? Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have a way of restoring the original state of things. But eventually we will know the answer to that question.

And although I’m not a big fan of gold or jewelry myself, I am rather interested in the origin and creation of it. That would certainly be a sight to behold.

The New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:21)

The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.



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