Oh, just road signs

I had an extraordinary feeling every time I sat on the bus and looked out the window and saw a road sign with something like “Jerusalem” or “Tiberias” or “Dead Sea” written on it.

Tiberias road sign

It was like being in one of those fairy tales I’ve been told about since I was a kid, only it’s a million times more fascinating because it’s not a fairy tale, it’s the Bible. And it’s real, it all happened, and there I was right there.

Here’s another one:

Nazareth road signSee what I mean?

“Oh, we’re just on our way to Nazareth.” — Mind-blowing.

This next one’s a little blurry because it was a bumpy ride:

Jericho, Dead Sea road signI had some time to consider this thought: If I actually lived in Israel, how would it feel to be reading the Bible and know that the setting of the story is just next door? (I’d love to hear an Israeli’s point of view on that).

Oh, OK one more. We didn’t actually visit this place, but:

Rachel's Tomb road signFeel it now?


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